Principal's Message

Sr. Shaly M.M.

"Time has been a great witness of how every system of the world underwent a huge transformation. Crisis came and passed by, some passed quietly and some shook the world, forcing the people to change their ways of living.

One such critical situation arose with the spread of Covid-19 - a deadly virus. It has badly affected everybody everywhere……. nobody knows where it will take us. It stopped factories, it closed markets, it collapsed business, it slowed down official works, it disturbed every family and education system has not been untouched too. Students got isolated due to lockdown and schools…. stood helpless but responsible to carry out their duties.

Who knew….. schools would have to bridge up the gap between classroom and isolated students’ doors. Process of imparting education is not a subject to be put to a halt, whatever happens.

Technology was already knocking every door, sooner or later it had to enter every nook and corner but pandemic got it into high gear. Education system took its full advantage, schools made it a medium to reach out to the students.

Our school, St. Mary’s, Rampur, took up this challenge as an opportunity and my teachers started putting their heart and soul into their efforts meticulously. Soon, Zoom and Google meet became the mode of conducting online classes from teachers home to the students’. The journey was not without hurdles and problems but a well- planned system, chalked out by the school, helped in the smooth functioning of online sessions. Teacher’s video on every student’s screen and every student’s video on the teacher’s screen, made the students feel as if they were in school. Then, by and by, not only studies but competitions, celebrations, activities, projects, tests, exams also……. In fact, everything started online. Our school started functioning smoothly though without students in the campus. Our teachers started having a broad grin with a lot of satisfaction and what to say about my students…… they started enjoying live sessions online. Getting ready early morning, wearing school uniform and well-set for the virtual School, timelined them and inculcated good habits and discipline in them. Parents’ highly positive feedback strengthened the school body. Timely corrections both in teachers’ teaching quality and students’ studious spirit is continued till date.

Great God, Be our guide, lead us and help us through life’s journey. Shower your immense blessings on our esteemed institution, the great temple of learning and inspiration and joy forever for all.

I am sure, we together, will be able to continue to bring glory to our Alma Mater, securing best results in the board exams and proving to be excellent in every other sphere.

Pandemic cannot subside our enthusiasm, rather it will help us to prepare well in advance, for the Hi- Tech system of imparting education in the coming decades.