Sr. Shaly M.M.

Our golden past history of six decades tells the tale of our relentless march towards actualization of the dreams of our Founders - making a big social transformation 'possible' through imparting moral and advanced education to the young minds. Till eternity, we won't rest on our laurels that have placed our distinguished institution in such a privileged position.

The whole education system underwent a massive change during the pandemic period but I, with my active team of teachers, tried to an optimum to arm our students with technological supremacy and to help them integrate it with values. In the process, there was no room left to compromise with the students' overall well-being.... from academic to psychological, physical, spiritual development and soft skill proficiency. We walked the tight rope to achieve the desired balance amongst all and Almighty blessed us with satisfying success.

The current year too, is full of unprecedented challenges which are bigger than yesteryears. A frequent shift from offline to online and vice versa steals our energy and uncertainties keep staring at us but Mighty God's grace and mercy upon and around us every moment, guides us to walk unchecked and helps us to deal with the emerging issues.

My highly energetic and super- active students are the richest asset of the school. I do admire their vital endeavours without feigning. Parents' well-timed corporation and pretty positive and constructive feedback strengthens the backbone of school. My staff members are my pride, my multiplied hands and my vigour to execute my vision. Above all, exceptional contribution of school Management, taking best and utmost care of every basic need of staff, students and infrastructure, is worth saluting.

My sole wish from Almighty is to endow my students with multifarious talents, broad horizon of reflection, pious persona, ethical abundance, verbal magnificence, feminine firmness, robust physique with golden heart, spiritual strength, a spirit to do the best, healthy, refined, holistic and substantial education on the perfect platform of St. Mary's.

May Mother Mary help me to fulfill my wish with her rich benedictions.