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Event date : 20 Nov,2019

Updated on : 20 Nov,2019

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Description :Annual functions are very important for overall development of students in the school because it helps children to get involved in extracurricular activities and broaden their thought’s spectrum. Also it is a great way to let parents explore their child’s skills and interests. Accomplishing all these motives a grand Annual Day Programme was organized this year on 20th- November 2019. Marians, through beautiful, colourful and heart touching performances made a successful endeavor to give a tribute to the senior citizens of society as the theme of the programme was ‘Grand Parents’ Day’. The event was presided by honourable District Magistrate of Rampur Mr. Aunjeneya Kumar Singh. Additional S.P of Rampur Mr. Arun Kumar Sigh as the guest of honour added to the beauty of programme. A dazzling welcome dance and venerated floral welcome to the guests and all the dignitaries gave a pretty hue to the celebration. The whole programme was woven into a heartrending story with beautiful patches of elegant dance performances and an inspiring tableau on human rights. It was a tale of four families- forgetting human values, secluding their grandparents, incessant sufferings, realisation, and happy homecoming. This beautiful presentation compelled every eye to drop a tear and to think thousand times to respect their elders. The programme was followed byprize distribution ceremony and a very motivating address by Respected Chief guest. Esteemed D.M. sir seemed highly impressed by the extraordinary performance of the Marians and appreciated every performer for depicting human values in such a beautiful manner. He emphasized that elders arethe potters of the clay like innocent children and the kids need to be nourished with moral inputs first at home and then in school. Once again, as per the tradition a unique ‘Annual Day Celebration’ at St. Mary’s Schoolproved that life and education devoid of morals and values is worthless.