We draw our inspirations from Christ who willed the total development of every person and also from His Mother Mary, the Patroness of this School. Through the school is primarily meant to provide Catholic Children with sound religious and Moral Education, other pupils are also admitted with due respect to their religious feelings and freedom of Conscience. A course of religious instruction is given to Catholic Students. Children of other faiths are taught value education, a course in our fundamental duties to God, self, other persons and society.

The aim of the institute is to impart an all round education to children, inculcating in them feelings of patriotism and brotherhood and make them spiritual and pure minded persons to elevate the tone of the society in which they live and move.

The medium of instruction is English. Hindi is taught in all the classes. Sanskrit or Urdu is taught from Class VI to Class VIII as third language. The students have to study the following subjects and follow the books prescribed by the Central Board.