19 Oct, 2020



St. Mary’s is a distinguished institution renowned for its lofty principles, values and excellent discipline. It stands apart from others with its hands stretched saying “Let The Little Children Come To Me”. Its quality education, magnificent infrastructure, affordable expenditure spells charisma to get admission here. Besides being a sacred temple of learning for its students, St. Mary’s possesses a very healthy working environment for us…… ‘its proud teachers’. We breathe utmost satisfaction with broad grin, rendering our services to it. The school has always taken care of our smallest needs with a lot of love. During the very difficult time of pandemic when the whole world is undergoing a massive financial crisis….. even many big companies, industries and well-established institutions have been unable to pay full salary to its staff, our school did. We are soulfully indebted to our extraordinarily benevolent School Management for the regular payment of full salary even during lockdown period. This all is the result of super powerful prayers of our Saintly Sisters who are so pious that their souls connect with Almighty God while offering orison.

We are fortunate enough to work under the exceptional stewardship of our Reverent Sister Principal, Sr. Shaly M.M. who is an embodiment of perfection, wisdom, superb presence of mind, even-handedness, hard work, devotion, dedication, commitment and diligence. she keeps on her toes everyday to let the school run without any flaw and to let all of us work with absolute precision. She drills and nurtures every smallest thing and gives an open platform to our hidden talents. Love, care, smile and affection is never missing in her demeanour while guiding us. She knows very well how to instil confidence, willingness and readiness to work, into us. We all feel blessed to have such Angelic and Adorable Sister Principal and all beloved Sisters. May God bless them always.

May Great God continue to bestow His choicest blessings upon St. Mary’s and its happy family.

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