Eligibility for admission to nursery class is after the age of 3 years and before completion of 4 years. Admission to nursery is granted only on submitting concurrently with the application form the birth certificate from the municipality/hospital. Admission and assignment to a particular section of the class are entirely reserved to the school authorities. Correct date of birth is to be given at the time of admission. Date of birth once registered cannot be altered.

Only girls are admitted to this Institution. The birth certificate should be produced at the time of registration. Date of birth once entered in the school register, will not be changed. Pupils having attended another school cannot be admitted, even for a short time, without a transfer certificate.

Admission to the school is restricted by conditions of age, conduct and an entrance test. The Principal reserves the right to refuse any of the applications without having to assign reason for her decision.

The Criteria for Class XI Admission-

Science Stream 75% and above inclusive of Maths & Science.

Commerce Stream 60% above.

No leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for by the parent or guardian in writing and all the dues have been paid. Fees are due so long as no notice of withdrawal is given and the pupil’s name has remained on rolls. Before the withdrawal of pupil, a month’s notice in writing should be given to the Principal If a pupil is withdrawn after January, fees up to March must be paid. A duplicate copy of the transfer certificate shall be issued only for adequate reasons in which case a fee of Rs.100/- shall be levied.

Application for transfer certificate at the end of the scholastic year should reach the office before the reopening of the School in July. In case a child does not return to the school, the parents should inform the Principal in writing, else , a month’ fees shall be charged

Application for transfer certificate must be made in the form printed in this Diary.